Bharath Holla

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore, India

Bharath Holla

Dr. Holla is a physician-scientist (MD, PhD) involved in patient care, research and post-graduate training in psychiatry. He has a deep interest in designing novel treatment approaches for psychiatric disorders, as well as using traditional approaches (like yoga) for health and well-being

After completing postgraduate residency in psychiatry, he specialised in the field of addiction psychiatry with a post-doctoral clinical fellowship at NIMHANS. His PhD work involved imaging-genomics of addiction vulnerability in adolescents.

He strongly believes that future progress in neuroscience and psychiatry will stem from open-science and multi-disciplinary collaborations. Therefore, he has been actively involved in several multi-institute and multi-country population neuroscience work that have resulted in high-impact research publications and larger impacts on the community.