Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund

General secretary, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund

Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, professor

Academic Interests
Social stratification and labour market studies.
Member of the research group: Social Inequalities and Population Dynamics.

Professor, Sociology, at University of Oslo. 1999 -
Dr.polit.,Sociology, University of Bergen, 1993
Cand.polit., Sociology, University of Bergen 1982
Employed at University of Bergen (research assistant, assistent professor, associate professor) 1983-97
Researcher at Fafo Institute for Applied Social Research 1996-97
Researcher and Research director of a Norwegian Research Council program at Institute for Social Research 1997-99
Director for Advanced Program in Labour Studies, the Faculty of Social Science, University of Oslo, 2006-2007
Birkelund has been Visting Academic at University of Wisconsin-Madison (1987),
University of California at Berkeley (1993-94)
University of Oxford and Nuffield College (2005-2006).
Professor II, The Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping Universitet., 2015-2019.
Birkelund has also had shorter periods of research at University of Essex, England; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA; CREST/ENSAE, Paris; GEMASS, Paris Sorbonne University.