Boon-Han Lim

Associate Professor, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Boon Han Lim

Boon Han Lim is an Associate Professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. He 
obtained his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and PhD in optical engineering from the Technology 
University of Malaysia. His PhD was related to the reflectivity measurement of solar reflective 
materials using laser optics. After his PhD, he worked in China for ten years, in both academia and 
industry, where he continued the research of solar furnaces using non-imaging focusing heliostat 
(NIFH) at the University of Science and Technology of China and at a spin-off company where he led 
teams to a) build the first batch of government-subsidized solar power pilot plants in China, b) invent 
and mass-produce the world’s largest dual-axis sun-tracker, c) improve and mass-produce high-
temperature NIFH solar furnace to purify metallurgical silicon into solar-grade silicon feedstock. The 
solar furnace project was awarded the “China Top Ten Science and Technology Progress Awards 2009” by the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. After 2011, he focused on designing and improving PV power plants’ performance. In 2014, he returned to Malaysia, and now he focuses on high-resolution solar irradiance and its applications to optimize PV power plant design in the tropics. He is an alumnus of the Global Young Academy (GYA), the Malaysian representative to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, TC82-WG3 (PV system), an honourary member of Malaysia Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPiA) and a working group committee on photovoltaic standards of Department of Standards Malaysia.