Carlos Nobre

National Secretary for R&D Policy

Carlos Nobre

Carlos Nobre, Electronics Engineering – (1974) Aeronautics Technological Institute (Electronics) - São José dos Campos, Brazil; Ph.D in Meteorology – (1983) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Meteorology); visiting scientist at the University of  Maryland, USA, 1988.

He is National Secretary for R&D Policy in the Ministry  of Science, Technology & Innovation of Brazil, since  February  of 2011; He was Chair of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) (2006-2011), Director of the Center for Earth System Science (2208-2010) and of the Center for Weather and Climate Forcasting (CPTEC-INPE) (1991-2003).

His scientific carrier was dedicated to the Amazon region, where he developed pioneer research on the climate impacts of deforestation. He is Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Member of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing Nations-TWAS. He is co-author of over 140 scientific articles, books and book chapters.