Eva Alisic


Eva Alisic is a psychologist and social scientist. Her research focuses on child and family resilience in the face of traumatic events, such as disaster, loss and violence. Professor Alisic is the Associate Director of the Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program and Associate Professor, Child Trauma & Recovery at the University of Melbourne. She has initiated large-scale research translation programs focused on improving post-trauma support for children. Prof Alisic led the first population-based study into the consequences of fatal domestic violence for children in the Netherlands (see also She is also involved in child-centered disaster risk reduction studies, and has received a number of prizes for her work, including the World Economic Forum Young Scientist award. One of Prof Alisic’s main interests regards international and interdisciplinary capacity building. She serves on the management committee of the Africa Science Leadership Program, an innovative program to equip African early and mid-career researchers with collective leadership skills.