Venko Filipce

Image - Filipce Venko

Dr. Filipce is a neurosurgeon at University Department of Neurosurgery in Skopje. He holds a position of a chief of the OR stuff, acts as Secretary of the Macedonian Society of Neurosurgery and is a Board Member of the Society of Southeast Neurosurgery.In his daily work he is fully involved in clinical work with neurosurgical patients as well as medical students and residents coming from Medical Faculty in Skopje.Venko Filipce was a part of the team that introduced minimally invasive skull base surgery as new method at his Department, after being educated at the Ohio State University in the USA. He is to introduce endovascular neurosurgery for the first time in the country after finishing education at the University Hospital in Zurich.Apart from his daily activities on his field he is involved in to NGO sector work. He was lead of the team that introduced health system strengthening models for the health systems in Tanzania, Kosovo and Serbia.