Rebekah Gee


GEE Rebekah (USA )
Dr. Rebekah Gee is an Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Louisiana State University (LSU). She completed a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars program at the University of Pennsylvania and there received a Master of Science in Health Policy Research. She studied history and obtained an M.P.H. at Columbia University in Health Policy and Management, obtained her medical degree at Cornell, and trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard at the Brigham and Womenís and Massachusetts General Hospitals.
Dr. Gee has served at both state and national leadership roles in public health and health care. She has advised the public health departments of several states including Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Massachusetts. She served in a leadership capacity developing health policy for the campaign of President Barack Obama and on his transition team at the US Department of Health and Human Services shortly after the presidential election.
Since moving to Louisiana in 2009, she served as the medical director for the maternity program of Title V, the stateís maternal health federal block grant program. In 2010, Dr. Gee was named Director of the Birth Outcomes Initiative, an Assistant Secretary level position in Louisianaís Department of Health and Hospitals aimed at improving the health of Louisianaís women and children. In that role Dr. Gee works directly with the Secretary of Health and Hospitals on initiatives to improve quality of care, access to services and reduce the risk of poor pregnancy outcomes in high risk women.
Dr. Gee has held many leadership roles in organized medicine and reproductive health including local and national leadership roles in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Gee is on the Institute of Medicineís (IOM) Board of Health Care Services and is the inaugural recipient of a two year Gant fellowship at the IOM. Dr. Gee is clinically active and is caring for patients at LSU. Her life passion is to improve the health and health care for women at the patient, state and national level. She lives in New Orleans and is the parent of three energetic children Ben (7), Eloisa (7) and Nathan (5) and is married to David Patron.