Jorge Alberto Neira



Dr Neira holds a High School Degree (Gold Medal Honors) from the National College of Buenos Aires, and a MD degree with honors from the University of Buenos Aires (1975). He specialized in Intensive Care  in 1989, and today is President of the Argentine Trauma Foundation, Full Member of the National Academy of Medicine (Seat 34), Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine (2000), and Fellow of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (2001).

Dr Neira was Residency and Instructor of Residency in Internal Medicine (1975-1978), Instructor of residency, Cardiology (1980), Staff ICU at Fernández Hospital (1978-1987; 1994-1996), Chief ICU, D.V. Sarsfield Hospital (1987-1988), Chief, Otamendi Clinic (1992-1996), Counselor ICU, Navy Hospital (1997-2007) and at the ICU of the Trinidad Mitre Clinic (2004-2008), Chief ICU, Trinidad Palermo Clinic from 1998-2016 and counselor 2017 to date.

He was also Director of the Emergency Medical Service (1988-1991) and Associate General Director of S.A.M.E. (Emergency Medical System) (1996-2001), Buenos Aires City Government, Member of the Advisory Board of the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires City and of the Advisory Board of Argentine Minister of Health. Furthermore, he was President of the Argentine Society of Intensive Care (1997-1999), President of the Pan-American Trauma Society (1999), and President of the Argentine Society for Surgery and Medicine of Trauma (2008-2010).

He authored over 81 papers on Intensive Care and Trauma published in national and international journals and over 107 chapters and edited books, and presented over 162 papers at national and international meetings.

Among the awards he received there are: “President SATI Award 2001” by the Argentine Association of Intensive Care; “Institutional Recognition Diploma” Pan-American Trauma Society (2006); “Doctor of the Year, 2007” by Advisory Council of the Journal “Thank you Doctor”; “Master of Medicine”, by the Argentine Medical Media (2010); “KONEX Awards – Merit Diploma”, by KONEX Foundation (2013); “Intensive Care Leader” Award, by the Scientific Committee of the Journal “Thank you Doctor” (2013); “Gobernador Enrique Tomás Cresto” Award as “Development Leader”, by Argentine Federation of Municipalities (FAM); “Medical Excellence” award, by the Foundation for Studies in Social Security and Health (2015); “Intensive Care Medicine Founding Father” by the Scientific Committee of the journal “Thank you Doctor” (2015); Academic and Teaching Excellence Award, Institute of Human Development and Health (Buenos Aires City Municipal Medical Association); Appreciation Award by Aquino University, Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra (2015); Outstanding Personality in Medical Sciences Award, Buenos Aires City Government Legislature, 2016; Academic Director Award granted by Exchange and Judiciary Studies Academy (Academia de Intercambio y Estudios Judiciales), Buenos Aires, 2018; Mentor Award bestowed by Argentine Society of Medicine (Sociedad Argentina de Medicina), Buenos Aires 2018.