Liudmila Castelo David


Volunteer Experience e Causes Member and doctor in International federation of parenthood planning 2010 to 2016 President of medical committee in family planning association 2013 to 2015 Skills: - Public health - Health care management - Gynecology and obstetritcs Experience: General medical doctor July 2008 – present data Certifications:   Dipploma: FCMM- Havana_ Cuba Professional:  - Health delegate (director) of district of Agua Grande: October 2015- September 2017 (primary health care) - Doctor at the maternity of cental hospital Dr. Ayres de Menezes 2010-2015 Courses  - Tuberculosis, Fiocruz-Rio Janeiro-Brazil 2012 - Women and children policy October 2013-November 2013 - Radiology November 2013-April 2014 - Reinforcement of Public Administration and Community Partnership for Reproductive Health"  May 2015-July 2915 - Participation on workshops - Others courses national and international  I am hard wording person who wants to pursue a career. I like to learning new skills. I have a kind and caring nature and i will do what i can to make a difference. I love to encouraging people or group. I have developed my commucation skills and feel able to communicate with other or diferent people.  Currently i m working at hospital as general doctor in maternity, but i would like to be specialist.