Luqi Huang


Dr. Luqi Huang is a molecular pharmacologist and an expert in Chinese Materia Medica. He is currently a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice-President and Chief Research Fellow of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Director of National Resource Center for Chinese Materia Medica, Chair of the Experts Group for the National Survey on Chinese Medicinal Material Resources, and Head of Chinese Medicinal Material Resources Innovation Team. He is also Chair of Chinese Materia Medica Identification Committee affiliated to China Association of Chinese Medicine; Director of the Medicinal Plants and Plant Medicine Professional Board of Botanical Society of China, Chair of the Technical Committee of Chinese Medicinal Materials Seeds (seedling) standardization, and former chief scientist of 973 National Key Basic Research Program.Dr. Huang has published more than 500 papers on domestic and international publications, and 12 books as chief editor. He is the holder of 7 patents. He has been awarded the Second Prize of State Science and Technology Progress as the leading expert for 3 times, as well as the Chinese Academy of Engineering Guang Hua Engineering Science and Technology Prize (Youth Award), Science and Technology Award for Youth, Fellow of National Millions of Talents Project, and the Supervisor of the National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations.