Dr. Lwidiko Mhamilawa (MD, PhD-Uppsala University) is a lecturer at the department of parasitology and medical entomology at MUHAS. As a malaria researcher, he has 6 years of experience in malaria drug efficacy clinical trials, molecular analysis of malaria drug resistance markers, malaria diagnostic tools and malaria epidemiology.

As promising researcher following in the steps of malaria gurus in Tanzania, some of the publication Dr. Mhamilawa has been involved in include works that explore; Novel pragmatic strategies to protect the therapeutic efficacy of Artemisinin Based Combination therapy against resistance from plasmodium falciparum, molecular epidemiology works on discerning the genetic interconnectedness of Plasmodium falciparum population between Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, and using Artificial Intelligence in mobile microscopy to improve the parasite detection.

Dr. Mhamilawa has experience in being both frontline worker and consulting in epidemiology during outbreaks of epidemics such as cholera. Currently he is leading an implementation research consultancy with the UNICEF in exploring factors that affect access to immunization for children in Tanzania and is part of researcher group that works to explore acceptability of COVID-19 Vaccination in Tanzania among healthcare workers.

Using his experience in malaria epidemiology and the existing evidence of influence of previous malaria exposure to COVID-19 patients’ prognosis, and vice versa, Dr. Mhamilawa is planning a study that will explore further the Clinical and seroprevalence of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) infection in the context of malaria endemic rural Bagamoyo District.