Kalana Prasad Maduwage

Image - Maduwage Kalana Prasad

As a senior lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka from 2009 to date, I conduct lectures, practical sessions, tutorials and examinations for medical undergraduates of the university. I am actively engaged with research on snake envenoming in collaboration with Peradeniya Teaching Hospital. I am currently developing a laboratory for snake venom, antivenom and envenoming research in my department. I also conduct lecturers and practical sessions on the identification of snakes and management of snake envenoming in the Department of Parasitology. I am actively engaged with the development of two new modules (Integrated Applied Medicines) for medical undergraduates as module coordinator.   

  • Dr Kalana Maduwage is a researcher, academic, inventor and naturalist in Sri Lanka He works as a senior lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka He completed his MBBS  degree in 2007 and obtained his MPhil degree on hump-nosed viper envenoming in 2011  He completed his PhD degree at University of Newcastle, Australia in 2016 on coagulation effects of snake venoms and effectiveness  of antivenoms  
  • He published over 40 research articles on snake envenoming and treatments in prestigious scientific journals  Discovery of novel technique of detecting snake venom in patients blood is a landmark of his research carrier and it has been appreciated by three international awards  Findings of his research have been upgraded the management of snake envenoming  Dr Maduwage working on reduction of burden and improve the treatment  for snakebites in Sri Lanka  During his PhD he was awarded by prestigious Australian Leadership Award with the leadership for development training  
  • Dr Maduwage has been obtained three patents on the discovery of new biomedical equipments  He was awarded with three presidential wards, three National Research Council awards for his scientific publications with Young Scientist Award in 2005 for his inventions  He has been discovered and described 10  fresh-water fish, 3 snakes and lizard species from Sri Lanka  He has disseminated his findings in many international conferences as a keynote speaker and a presenter