Marie-Anne Van Sluys

Supevising Panel Member - Life Sciences

Marie-Anne Van Sluys

Marie-Anne Van Sluys received a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the Rio de Janeiro State University in 1983 and a doctoral degree from the Université Paris-Sud 11 (Paris XI, University of Paris-Sud 11) in 1989.

Dr. Van Sluys is an associate professor in the Botany Department of the University of São Paulo. She is the head of the Genomic and Transposable Elements (GaTE) Laboratory, operated under the auspices of the USP Laboratório de Biologia Molecular de Plantas (LBMP, Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology), the central focus of which is to study the impact of transposable elements in the structure, function, and diversification of bacterial genomes and plants.

Dr. Van Sluys has considerable experience in the field of genetics, with an emphasis on the molecular biology of plants. Her research is primarily concerned with the following themes: genomics; DNA repair in plants; and transposable elements in bacteria and plants.