Milagro Sanchez Cunto

Infectious disease specialist, F. J. Muniz Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Milagro Sanchez Cunto

Dr. Cunto she obtained her medical doctor’s degree from Medical School at National University of Buenos Aires in 2008. Specialized in infectious diseases at the National University of Buenos Aires. Certified by the Argentinian Society of Infectious Diseases and by the National Ministry of Health.

She works as an infectious diseases doctor at the Muñiz Hospital, a reference center for infectious diseases that centralized patients from the whole country and in a high complexity public hospital, Bicentenario from Esteban Echeverria, Buenos Aires. Also she works as teacher and researcher

She achieved meaningful practical work experience by pursuing international internships in Spain and Peru

She lives in Argentina, Buenos Aires. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She loves travelling and knowing different cultures. Her hobbies are taking photos and painting