Mohammad Taha

2022 Co-Deputy Chair of the Early- and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum, Australian Academy of Science

Mohammad Taha

Dr. Mohammad Taha is a non-binary queer person of colour and researcher at the Faculty of
Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Melbourne. They have
experience in electrical engineering, flexible/wearable electronics, materials
science/engineering, teaching and science communication. Mohammad’s research interests
centre around novel materials, their design and engineering for different purposes, and the
developments of new applications that will better serve communities in Australia and abroad.
Mohammad is passionate about pursuing a more holistic approach to problems such as
climate change and believes in the importance of multidisciplinary scientific innovation in
order to drive impactful future solutions to current and emerging challenges. Mohammad is
also a long-time champion of Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities, having worked for
queer inclusion in several institutions, and they strongly believe in the vital role of diversity in
experience and opinion in order to bring fresh perspectives to long-standing challenges, both
in the scientific community and the broader society. An important part of Mohammad’s
promotion of diversity in STEMM is their work as the co-chair of the Victorian chapter of
QueersInScience (QiS) advocating for intersectional and sophisticated inclusion models that
can capture and enhance the experiences of people who belong to multiple minority groups.
Outside of academia, Mohammad is a fitness instructor, an enthusiastic reader, a writer of
fiction/non-fiction and poetry, and an aspiring filmmaker.