Muhammad Saidam

Former Chief Science Officer


Muhammad Saidam is the Chief Science Officer (CSO) of Applied Science in the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in Jordan. He obtained his PhD in Environment and Water Resources Engineering from the Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine (University of London) in 1995 and has been a Senior Researcher since 2006. He led and has been in research partnerships locally in Jordan, regionally in the Middle East & North Africa and internationally in European and American research programs since 1996. Dr. Saidam’s current main responsibilities, as a CSO in RSS, include strategic business planning and supervising implementation of research and consultation projects in the four Applied Science Centers of RSS; Energy, Water & Environment, Sustainable Buildings and information Technology.  He is a member of the Committee on Scientific Planning and Review (CSPR) / International Council for Science (ICSU) for the period (2015-2018).