Otmar Schober



Otmar Schober MD PhD, born 1948, has knowledge in natural sciences and clinical medicine. He is focusing on imaging methods and implementation of those in preclinical and clinical applications. O. Schober has finished studies of physics with Heribert Welling in laser physics and in surface physics with the nobel laureate Gerhard Ertl at the universities in Hanover and Munich.

He earned his medical education in Frankfort, Hanover and London. Heinz Hundeshagen was his mentor. Being director of the department of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Münster,1988–2013, he rejected calls and invitations from national and international universities.1994-1998, O. Schober was deputy of the rector of the University of Münster. 1995-2003, he was elected expert reviewer of the German Research Foundation for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology. He was Editor in Chief of the Journal Nuklearmedizin (2001-2011) and coeditor of international journals. O. Schober was project leader and speaker of collaborative research centers on Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging (1999-2013). Being Founder of the European Institute for Molecular Imaging he was principal investigator of the Cluster of Excellence „Cells in Motion”. O. Schober is Member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, and the National Academy of Science and Engineering.