Alexandre da Costa Pereira


PEREIRA, Alexandre (Brazil)
Alexandre Pereira is currently the leader of the Human Genetics group of the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Cardiology of the Heart Institute, University of Sao Paulo. In addition, he is the Head of the Genetics Outpatient Clinic of the Heart Institute and works as an attending physician in the Chronic Coronary Artery Disease Group of the Institute. His research interests range from projects in biomarker discover and development, animal models of human mutations, to public health studies in the Brazilian population. In this area, Dr. Pereira is one of the Principal Investigators of the ELSA Study, and coordinator of the Central Laboratory and Biobank, the first large-scale cohort study for cardiovascular diseases in Brazil (enrolling more than 15,000 participants). Other important projects that Dr. Pereira is leading are the implantation of molecular screening methods in primary care attention and the integration of information systems with biological data to develop sensitive algorithms for medical-care assistance.