Peter Fritz

Scientific Director (retired)

P. Fritz

Peter Fritz is an outstanding and internationally renowned German hydrologist who was elected Fellow of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in 1998. He has broad experience in providing scientific advice to policymakers on African agendas, involving in global research and representing individual academies. Since 2011, he has taken part in a cooperation programme between NASAC (Network of African Science Academies) and the Leopoldina which aims to establish scientific policy advice in Africa. Further, Prof. Fritz participated in international and global panels such as the EU Danube Strategy. His national and EU-wide involvement in water/ environment working groups for scientific policy advice is another part of his great experience to be highlighted. As an Isotope Geologist, Peter Fritz has numerous publications in the area of Isotope Hydrology, Paleoclimatology and Geochemistry. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada as well as the Polish Academy of Sciences and is member of several scientific and management boards of scientific organisations.