R. Indarjani

Deputy Director

R. Indarjani

R. Indarjani (Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Biology from the Adelaide University, South Australia) is Deputy Director for the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Regional Centre programme for Quality Improvement of Teacher and Education Personnel (QITEP) in Science, Bandung, Indonesia.

This institution has committed to promote Inquiry-based Science Education (IBSE) through various and innovative trainings and workshops, producing learning resources, conducting education seminars and conferences and the establishment of a professional community of learning in the region. Her efforts to promote IBSE has also touched the policy level by defining IBSE as a niche area of the Regional Centre, by conducting a High Level Policy Forum on IBSE in 2015 that was officially opened by the Minister of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia, and requesting the commitment to implement proper IBSE in a science teaching and learning process in national level.

Through her role as Deputy Director of the programme, she successfully conducted PRAISE in 2013, a joint project with the Australian Government, ran an international innovative science teaching and learning training workshop on IBSE for teacher trainers of the Asia Pacific that was supported by ISTIC-UNESCO, Malaysia, and the La main a la pate foundation (LAMAP), France, since 2013, and also introduced STEM through STELR Training Workshop on Renewable Energy with support from Australian Technological and Science Education (ATSE), also since 2013. She is currently conducting a multi-year project, ICT-based Program on Adopting 21st Curriculum through Science and Mathematics’ as mandated by the SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok. For her long experience in education, more than 20 years as a lecturer in biology, and her dedication in promoting science in region, she has been acknowledged by the Chairman of Global Council of IAP Science Education Programme (SEP) and endorsed by the President of Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI), to be a member of Global Council of IAP SEP 2015-2018 as the Indonesian representative.