Rajae El Aouad


Rajae El Aouad is Professor of Immunology (School of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rabat) leaving in August 31, 2016 for the private sector as Director of Clinical Laboratory. She is Resident Member of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technology (HIIAST) and a Member of the Steering Committee of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES). She holds a Doctorate of Medical Studies, a Master of Sciences and a Master of Health Policy and Management. Rajae has held the positions of Vice-President for Research and Cooperation and Director of the Public Health School at the University Mohammed VIth for Health Sciences-Casablanca, Morocco (2014-2015), Director of the National  Institute of Hygiene -NIH-(2001-2012), and Chief of the Immunology and Virology  Department at the NIH (1987-2001 and 2012-2013). Rajae devoted the first part of her career to strengthen Public Health Laboratory Services in Morocco and setting up several national and WHO reference laboratories at the NIH (HIV, Poliomyelitis and enterovirus, Influenza, measles and rubella, hepatitis). She established the Influenza Surveillance Program and concluded a Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention-USA (2007-2016) to strengthen it. She has conducted many research projects and led international collaborative studies in different areas with the financial and/or the technical support of several international organizations and institutions. She has over 70 publications in peer reviewed journals.   As Director of the National Institute of Hygiene, Pr El Aouad' focus was on institutional strengthening, research capacity building and translation of research into action, public policies and practices.  She is a strong advocate of the use of operational research and evidence based planning to support disease control programs implementation.  Rajae  has served on several international scientific committees including the Steering Committee of the Doctoral program in Global Health,  Institute of Global Health, Geneva university (2014-Present):the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee for African Network for Drugs and innovation (2014-present).:the WHO Consultative Expert Working Group (CEWG) on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination (2011-2012). :the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Advisory Group for the WHO Director in October (2011-2012). :the WHO Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) for Global Influenza Programme (2008-2013). :Recently She was appointed as::Member of the Committee on Improving Scientific Input to Global Policymaking: Strategies for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (August 2016-June 2019).:Member of the Scientific Committee of the IAP for Health Conference on "Promoting Health" to be held in Beijing on September 2016:Observer to the One Health Platform representing the IAP for Health (2015-Present). She has built a solid network of reputable partners among world-class universities, public health institutions, and national and international NGOs. She concluded Technical and Scientific Agreements with several national and International Health research institutions. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda-USA, University Tor Vergata, Rome-Italy and the University Federico II / Napoli-Italy, the National Center of Hygiene, Mauritania, and the Al Akhawayn University, Morocco.