Sabah AlMomin

Research Scientist - Biotechnology


Dr. Sabah AlMomin is Research Scientist in Biotechnology at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). She is a graduate from University of Surrey, UK specialized in genetic engineering and molecular biology and an elected fellow of TWAS. Dr. AlMomin most notable contribution is the introduction and establishment of the Animal Embryo Transfer and Manipulation Program at KISR. She has lead several research projects in molecular diagnostics, DNA fingerprinting and germplasm management of marine species. Currently Dr. AlMomin is leading the ambitious project to establish the National Centre of Genetic Engineering and biotechnology as a centre of excellence in Kuwait and research projects in fish population genetics and phytoremediation.

She is a main contributor to the advancement of biotechnology particularly in the State of Kuwait and the establishment of a national program on Biotechnology . As a result, the State of Kuwait received its membership of ICGEB and KISR as an affiliated centre, where she is the liaison officer of Kuwait at ICGEB. She is an active member of the International Council of Life Sciences (ICLS) to promote biosafety and biosecurity in the MENA region and has establidhed the National Committee of Biosafety.