Sébastien Candel


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Elected correspondent on 6 June 1994, then member on 15 March 2011
Vice President of the Academy of Sciences for 2015-2016
President of the Academy of Sciences for 2017-2018
Section: Mechanical and Computer Science

Sébastien Candel is Professor Emeritus at the Ecole Centrale Paris and an honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

Specialist in the fields of combustion and aeroacoustics and their applications in energy and propulsion aeronautics and space, Sébastien Candel addresses in his research a series of fundamental questions. His contributions focus on flame structure, ignition and extinction, and interaction between flames and eddies. His work in combustion dynamics focuses on the mechanisms of instability and leads to a unified description of limit cycles, non-linear tripping or mode switching with applications for gas turbines and rocket motors. Innovative concepts are proposed for the active or dynamic control of flames. In cryogenic combustion, his studies give access to the fundamental mechanisms and the stabilization criteria, and lead to the development of simulation methods at large scale adapted. His research on the numerical simulation of combustion deals with average modeling, direct simulation, stabilization and acoustic coupling and his aeroacoustic work has enabled the identification of aerodynamic noise generating mechanisms, the development of calculation methods for acoustic propagation in moving environments and the development of noise estimation methods for Ariane aircraft and launchers lift-off.