Susana Goldstein Fink

Susana Goldstein Fink

Institute of Experimental Medicine (IMEX), Academia Nacional de Medicina, Argentina

Specialization: Infectious diseases, Biosafety, Biohazards, Biorisk management, Bioethics

Susana Fink is an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist and holds a PhD in chemistry (immunology). She is a member of the Research Career of the Argentinean Research Council; member of the Argentinean Immunology Society; president of the Biosafety Committee of the National Academy of Medicine Institutes; coordinator of the Health and Safety Commission of the National Academy of Medicine; member of the Argentinean Microbiology Association (AAM); and member of the Biosafety and Biosecurity Subcommission of AAM.

She teaches postgraduate students in occupational health and safety at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, University of Buenos Aires; is invited professor for a postgraduate course in biosafety, University of Rosario; organiser and professor of biosafety courses at institutes of the National Academy of Medicine, Buenos Aires and at the University of Mar del Plata; and presents AAM biosafety courses.

She has been a speaker at biosafety congresses and workshops in Argentina and Brazil.