Yomn Hamaky

Professor of Economics, Faculty of Business, Ain Shams University

Yomn Hamaky

Prof Yomn Hamaky is now working as Professor of Economics, Faculty of Business, Ain Shams Univ. she supervised large number of master and PhD thesis addressing diversified International as well as local Socio-Economic Challenges. 
* She is the president of Liberal Forum Egypt which is an NGO Aiming to enhance sustainable Development and combating poverty taking into consideration the gender perspective.  
* Prof Yomn is the head of Economic and Administrative council which is a think tank affiliated to Minister of Higher Education in Egypt, the council has conducted several applied researches related to priorities needed to address challenges confronting achieving Inclusive Growth.  
* Prof Yomn Hamaky had been A Vice President of Economic Committee, El Shoura Council The second Chamber of parliament during the period from 1999 to 2011; she gained multidimensional Economic, political and social experiences. 
* As expert in gender and results-based management. Dr Yomn supervised designing training materials for staffs of several ministries (health, planning, industry and trade) on budget based performance taking gender perspective into consideration. Conducting training programs for selected leaders in the previous ministries. Building a system of monitoring and evaluation to monitor the trainees’ performance. 
*She is a Member in the general assembly of the Egyptian holding