Biosecurity Programme

Biotechnology & Biosecurity


The project will focus on the promotion of engagement of IAP member academies in biosecurity issues, through: education in biosecurity and responsible conduct of science in research community, activities towards raising knowledge on the potential misuse of developments in life sciences, information supply on developments in relevant areas of science etc. The project will aim at strengthening ties with such organizations as: BWC, WHO, OECD, UNESCO, ICSU and its unions. The project will help IAP address several key objectives of its Strategic Plan: - strengthening IAP’s role in providing independent scientific advice to policy and decision-makers, - expansion of relationships with relevant inter-governmental and non-governmental partners, - fostering active involvement in IAP of additional member academies, - contribute to IAP’s mission of capacity building through sharing best practices and educational resources on biosecurity, ensuring that IAP’s actions addressing potential security risks posed by advances in life sciences also support global scientific progress.

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BWG final report from 2014 Annual Report
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