The report of the 23 June international conference on 'Combating zoonoses and addressing antimicrobial resistance on the Planet with a One Health Approach' summarises the presentations by speakers at the hybrid event organised by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM).

The initiative brought together experts, policymakers, and industry representatives and aimed to examine how we can adopt a One Health approach to recent challenges such as zoonotic diseases and combating antimicrobial resistance.

Responsible for drafting the conclusions of the event, Professor Jean-François Mattei, former French Minister of Health and former President of the French Academy of Medicine, expressed optimism about progress on One Health, but noted that there are too many different international bodies dealing with similar issues.

During the event, it was also conveyed that greater efficiency for the global operationalization of One Health also depends on actions that include decompartmentalisation; training and teaching; rebalancing "health" and "care" in health systems, and redefining the university health campus.

The report is available also in French.

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