As we face COVID-19 as a global community, it can be difficult to put into words what we as adults are feeling and even more challenging to discuss these feelings with young people. As the young people in your care move through this guide with you, some difficult questions may come up. What is COVID-19? What is happening in the world and how are people feeling about it? How can keeping our distance, washing our hands, and covering our nose and mouth help protect us? How is COVID-19 impacting families and communities? How can staying informed about COVID-19 make a difference? What actions can I take right now to protect myself and others? You do not have to have the “answers” to any of these questions. The most important thing that you can offer to young people is honesty and security.

The foundation of this material is in science. One of the best ways to become comfortable with the changing state of the world is by arming yourself with knowledge and then using that knowledge to make a difference in the world. This is true for young people as well. As youth around the globe engage with the activities in this guide, they will gain an understanding of the science that underlies COVID-19. They will be able to share their knowledge with their community, create tangible ways to take action in this challenging time, and understand the best places to find additional information on the topic.

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