Energy! is a freely available community research guide developed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) in partnership with the InterAcademy Partnership as part of the Smithsonian Science for Global Goals project. These Smithsonian Science for Global Goals community research guides use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to focus on sustainable actions that are defined and implemented by students.

Energy! is the new community research guide from the Smithsonian Science for Global Goals project for students aged 11 to 18. In the guide, young people explore the question “How can we ensure sustainable energy for all?” Energy! aims to help young people explore how their communities can create a more sustainable future by using sustainable energy sources, adopting sustainable energy practices, and increasing energy access and equity both locally and globally. 
This guide is a response to the UN SDG 7: “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”. While using the guide young people will become action researchers to identify and help solve problems in their community. Energy! includes research, activities, and perspectives from subject matter experts across a range of energy topics including sustainable sources of energy and sustainable practices in cooking, heating and cooling, transportation, personal energy use, and industrial energy use. It integrates inquiry-based science education with social and emotional learning and civic engagement. Students generate customized solutions for the challenges in their community and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Read the additional material on the website of the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) here.

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