The COVID-19 pandemic presents critical global challenges, affecting individuals, families, communities,health services and economies. These are extraordinary times and there is much to be done to collect,
validate and use evidence: both to improve preparedness and responsiveness now and to improve our governance systems for the future.

Research has already achieved a great deal: in identifying the virus,beginning to understand its epidemiology, characterising its clinical course, and providing the information to accelerate the development of new interventions - diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines - although this will still take time. How should we make better and faster use of research and its outputs for our collective benefit,that is, the global public good?

This Global Call from IAP emphasises the vital importance of doing more now to act collectively: effort on the global scale is essential to mitigate the spread of coronavirus in all territories.

You can download this Communiqué in Portuguese here and in Spanish here.

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