The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) has launched in May 2021 a Declaration on the Protection of Marine Environments, endorsed by the majority of the 143 national Academies that were part of the partnership in 2021.
The Declaration reports that most fish stocks are fully exploited: more than 90% of marine stocks are either overfished (34.2%) or at the maximum sustainable fishing limit (59.6%). The ocean has absorbed 30% of all anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. In the document, the World Academies urge world leaders to improve ocean health by stopping habitat destruction and the spread of environmental contaminants, fighting climate change and overexploitation, and adopting science-based policies.

Marine Environments Infographic Italian
IAP has translated into Italian the Infographic about Marine Environment. (Credits: Giovanni Ortolani/IAP)

The declaration can be accessed here.
See also the UN website on Oceans Day here.

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