The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) Policy Briefing entitled 'Investing in a Better Future: Higher Education and Post-COVID Canada' is now freely and publicly available. 

"The post-secondary sector is critical to Canadian education and more: it provides research and expert advice, fuels local economies, supports our communities, and helps to advance a number of public policy interests, such as immigration and inclusion. With renewed public investment in our colleges and universities, we can take better advantage of their capacity to support Canada through, and beyond, the pandemic," said Julia M. Wright, FRSC, Chair of the Working Group. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, despite all of the disruptions the pandemic has caused, PSE has maintained educational programs, contributed research to the pandemic response and other critical areas, and provided experts for myriad science tables, task forces, and committees key to public health and government decision-making. While we applaud the hard work and commitment of faculty, staff, and students, we must also recognize that the pandemic effort has stretched already strained PSE resources and people even further. The cost of this cannot be ignored. It is critical to support PSE’s recovery so that it can continue to support Canada’s pandemic recovery, maintain Canada’s global position in research and international education, and continue to advance national interests in vital areas such as climate change, reconciliation, and information literacy.