The year 2022 begins with a record number of new cases of COVID-19, including in countries with high rates of vaccine coverage. This new wave reminds us that the pandemic remains out of control and that there are no possible accurate predictions about its evolution in the short- or long-term.

More importantly, the current surge in cases demonstrates that even significant scientific and technological advances, especially with the development of vaccines, are still insufficient and the evolution of the pandemic remains largely unpredictable.

It is not just the virus that is winning, but it is also we humans who are losing many battles. We could and should be doing more and better! From what we have learned in the past two years, there are at least three main areas of action to move forward with:

  1. equitable vaccine distribution,
  2. consolidation of a global surveillance and response system, anchored in strengthened national health systems, and
  3. direct action on the climate crisis and socio-environmental determinants of health, from the perspective of One Health.

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