The Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) aspires to make the “voice of science” heard by policy- and decision-makers within Africa and worldwide. In fulfilling this aspiration, we join other organizations to condemn in the strongest terms possible, any form of human rights violation based on diversity within the single human species, be it race, tribe, cast, culture, religion or gender. Recent incidents, including the death of George Floyd in police custody in the USA, have rightly amplified the global dialogue on human rights across all races. It is acknowledged that equity has not been attained in the practice of science across the world. Disparities in access to quality education by ALL and the danger of widening the gap between African low-income countries and the rest of the world is still of concern and bias in the peerreview system against research papers submitted by authors from developing countries, especially poor countries, to reputable international journals is widely prevalent.

NASAC extends a message of support to African scientific colleagues in the Diaspora. Additionally, NASAC advocates the responsibility of all communities of practice to stand firm for human rights, inclusivity, and diversity at all levels within the scientific world, and to combat all forms of discrimination in all sectors of the society. Participation in science must be open to all, and the benefits of science must be available universally. Everyone has right to live peacefully in a balanced and inclusive society, where all basic human needs are met.