The Conversation published an article by Roseanne Denise Diab GenderInSITE Director, Unesco and Peter McGrath, Researcher, Biosciences, The InterAcademy Partnership.

Starting from the observation that unfortunately women remain under-represented in science careers and research all over the world, the article analyses how international scientific academies and disciplinary associations behave when it comes to engaging - and retaining - women as members and leaders. The article refers to a study published in September 2021, 'Gender Equality in Science: Inclusion and Participation of Women in Global Science Organisations - Results of two global surveys'.
Both the study and the article focus on scientific academies and disciplinary associations because, together, these organisations represent a large share of global scientific engagement. They have the potential to be powerful change-makers and leaders.

The study follows a 2015 survey on gender inclusion in academies.

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