There is growing evidence of the widespread and intensifying impacts of climate change worldwide. The concurrence of COVID-19 and climate change has caused millions of deaths, disrupted health services, increased anxiety and depression, and reduced life expectancy across the globe. With a large share of planetary population and resources, G20 countries are at the forefront of these impacts. At the same time, they possess the capacity to address the losses and damages with well-planned strategic interventions and partnerships. Research shows that the manner of implementation of global policies, and their outcomes, tend to vary across regions. As highlighted in recent InterAcademy Partnership reports, there are significant regional differences in the policy focus, needs, and challenges pertaining to climate change and health. It is essential to understand these differences when establishing global policies to ensure the progress of the 2030 Agenda. This Policy Brief proposes three key pathways and nine strategic interventions for addressing the integrated issues of climate change and health at the regional scale.

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