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Climate change and health: from impact to action - MENA Climate Week Side Event


Join us for our side event at the Middle East North Africa UNFCCC Regional Climate Week, taking place on 28 March, 1-2 PM GMT+4!

What is the event about?

There is increasing evidence for the adverse effects of climate change on health, both physical and mental, posing serious challenges to health gains made over recent decades. Climate change in the extended region of the Mediterranean-Middle East-North Africa is considerable, and affects health through multiple pathways, both direct (e.g. heat, drought, wildfires, flooding) and indirect, via disruption of ecological and socio-economic systems (e.g. air pollution, food insecurity, infectious diseases, migration).

This session is based on work by the InterAcademy Partnership, the Cyprus Institute and the Pathfinder Initiative. As one strand of this work, outputs from a recent climate change initiative in the Eastern Mediterranean Middle East Region will be shared. This initiative as well as the other projects introduced in this session address national climate-health effects, cross-border impacts, and their regional implications, to explore how robust science can help to clarify attribution of impacts, and support climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. In addition, in this session we will explore opportunities to inform policy development at national and regional levels, and with neighbouring regions (e.g. EU, sub-Saharan Africa, Western Asia).

What is the Middle East and North Africa Regional Climate Week?

"MENACW 2022 provides a platform for governments, cities, private sector leaders, financial institutions and civil society to discuss opportunities to build forward from the pandemic by identifying opportunities to enhance climate action. The event will bring together key stakeholders to take the pulse of climate action in the region, explore climate challenges and opportunities and showcase ambitious solutions." Read more here

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