Environment & Climate
Sustainable Development Goals

Digital Science Literacy for the Betterment of Humanity


The seminar seeks to address the strategic objectives in promoting the importance of science in research, education and digital literacy, such as: promoting high-quality, responsible, open, transparent and inclusive information; communicating and disseminating initiatives, innovative, creativities and accessible ways; supporting activities that foster the next generation through collaborations; promoting public engagement in digital science literacy.

The seminar should contribute to the capacity building in the regional as well as in global alliances and should give benefits in promoting science-policy interface to advance the evidence- based policy making. So that it will be meaningful in addressing the challenges and contentious issues of digital science literacy.

The objective of this seminar is then to discuss: i) How to develop, spread and deliver credible digital science literacy to public effectively, ii) to share experiences, and identify the current and future challenges, and iii) to present innovative strategies and mechanisms to empower public engagement in addressing challenges.

Hybrid seminar
Participants / Speakers: Government bodies, international bodies and associations, researchers,
educators, communities, etc.

Language: English

For more information about the background of the event and the proposed agenda, read here.