Call for Case Studies on Responses to COVID-19 aimed at Improving and Sustaining Health Equity

From the Sustainable Health Equity Movement (SHEM) with the World Health Organization (WHO)

As the global fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues, it is clear that the virus is affecting different sectors of society in different ways. Very often it is the poor, disenfranchised and minority populations that are affected by a disproportional amount of suffering. While universal healthcare, along with other policy responses such as temporary financial support, have sought to address these issues, the underlying social determinants of health often remain – and will continue to do so unless specific action is taken. In this regard, WHO – in collaboration with the SHEM initiative – is now seeking submissions of case studies that illustrate attempts to reduce inequities caused by COVID-19. The best/most impactful studies from around the world (about 20-30) will be published in a special collection. The publication will be developed in a two-step process:

Step 1: Contributions from governments, academia, NGOs, individuals, etc, are invited. These should take the form of a short overview of the case study and be submitted using: Form A (https://www.cognitoforms.com/InterAcademyPartnership/CallForCaseStudiesOnResponsesToCOVID19AimedAtImprovingAndSustainingHealthEquity)

After review by a Selection Committee convened by SHEM and WHO, authors of the best/most impactful case studies will be contacted and invited to participate in Step 2–the preparation of full-length case studies (up to 2,000 words). Submissions of these full-length case studies will be reviewed and edited for clarity and style before publication by WHO and SHEM.

FORM A: For submission of case study summaries

[Please submit online only –the following is a preview of what information will be requested]

  1. Contact person for the initiative described below:
    (Title, Name, Surname, Organization, Address, Email, Tel)
  2. Description of the initiative:
    - Proposed title of case study
    - Implementing organization
    - Local areas/ cities/ state or region/ country(ies) where the initiative has taken/is taking place
    - The timeframe (start date and end date (or indicate planned or on-going or completed)
  3. Short description of the initiative (max. 500 words) indicating:
    - The target problem of inequity being addressed,
    - The targetedpopulation(s),
    - The measures taken/implemented,
    - Their expected or actual impacts (the improvements in the social determinants of health or equity), and
    - The potential for long-term sustainability.

Form A – online here:

Deadline for submission of Form A is 16 November 2020.


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