Call for nominations of experts to IPBES task forces

Policy for Science
Following the successful conclusion of IPBES 10 and in line with the IPBES Rolling Work Programme up to 2030, Governments and other relevant stakeholders are invited to nominate candidates for the following task forces.

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is calling for nominations of experts to join its task forces. This call follows the successful conclusion of IPBES 10 and is in line with the decision IPBES-10/1 on the IPBES Rolling Work Programme up to 2030.

The following task forces are seeking experts for a term of office ending at IPBES 13, tentatively scheduled for 2026:

  1. Task Force on Capacity-Building: This task force focuses on capacity-building activities related to biodiversity and ecosystem services. Experts with expertise in stakeholder engagement, knowledge exchange, coordinating training and development activities and facilitating workshops are encouraged to apply.
  2. Task Force on Data and Knowledge Management: Experts with knowledge in data analysis from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and qualitative and quantitative data analysis are sought for this task force.
  3. Task Force on Indigenous and Local Knowledge: This task force is dedicated to Indigenous and local knowledge and experts representing Indigenous Peoples and local communities, as well as those with knowledge related to this field, are encouraged to apply.
  4. Task Force on Scenarios and Models: This task force requires experts with expertise in qualitative and quantitative approaches to scenarios, models and other futures studies.

Nominated experts should have specific expertise related to the task force they are nominated for. They may come from various backgrounds, including academics, policy experts and practitioners. Gender balance is encouraged in all nominations.

The first task force meeting is expected to be held in-person in April or May 2024, with subsequent meetings conducted online. Nominated experts should be available to attend these meetings and may be asked to participate in other IPBES meetings.

Experts interested in being nominated (Nominees) are encouraged to contact their IPBES National Focal Point regarding any country-specific processes or deadlines and are requested to fill out their application form by no later than 12 November 2023. It's important to note that experts selected for a role within an IPBES task force are expected to commit their time on a pro-bono basis. Financial support will be provided to experts from developing countries to attend task force meetings, while experts from developed countries are responsible for securing their own funding.

Nominators (governments or organizations) should submit their nominations before 19 November 2023. Early nominations are encouraged.

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