The call for proposals for the Global Summit for Diaspora Networks in Science in now open

Are you interested in adding to the conversation and hosting your own session at The Global Summit for Diaspora Networks in Science?

Isn’t it fascinating how, even after being scattered thousands of miles away, people still feel a ceaseless belonging to their native identities?

That’s the power of diasporas. When harnessed, this power can facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology which can add tremendous value especially during crises. For example, we’ve seen how engaging diaspora experts empowered various nations in managing the unprecedentedly pressing crisis of COVID-19.

As crucial as it has proven to be, however, engaging diasporas remains a complex process. There are different lessons to be learned from different stories of diaspora networks with their native countries.

On 21-23 September, the Global Summit for Diaspora Networks in Science will shed light on these exact lessons to inspire, catalyse and bring about change. Aiming to be science’s most diverse and interdisciplinary international event, the summit will bring together representatives of worldwide science diaspora networks with other key stakeholders, such as representatives of academia, government, industry and media.

Together, they will all address important topics, such as the challenges diaspora networks face, potential areas of collaboration, the role of women in these networks, and much more.

As the main organizers, SASTA is proud to announce the opening of proposals submissions for members of the public who would like to host sessions during the summit. Session formats include keynotes, panels, and workshops, and should focus on one of the following topics:

  • Diaspora in Science success stories, challenges, and best practice
  • Science and Politics National networks/ learning from well-established diasporas
  • Engagement and communication Gender, science, and migration

If you have an idea for a relevant session that you wish to host, please complete this form by 31 July.

IAP Communicaton Assistant