Crop biotechnology for sustainable agriculture in the face of climate crisis

Agriculture & Food Security
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Ho Soo Kim and Sang-Soo Kwak published an editorial on Plant Biotechnology Reports to share the reccomendations of the AASSA-Korean Academy of Sciences and Technology (KAST) Regional Workshop on 'Crop Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture'.

Through the AASSA-KAST Regional Workshop, we gained a common understanding of the importance of modern crop biotechnology in developing biotech crops for sustainable food and health security in the face of climate change, as per the following recommendations: (1) modern biotechnology, integrated with traditional agricultural technology, is important in solving global food, energy, environmental, and health problems; (2) plant scientists play a key role and share the responsibility to cope with the abovementioned global issues; (3) development of ecological and human friendly genetically modified (GM) crops is critical in the face of climate change; (4) new breeding technologies (NBTs) including genome editing should be continuously developed to generate new crops for achieving FNS; (5) regional collaborations are very important for trustfully sharing the technology, know-how, and experiences among countries involved in international collaboration; (6) continuous regional workshops on agricultural biotechnology are required to ensure sustainable FNS at the regional level. A special issue on the AASSA-KAST Regional Workshop will be published in “Plant Biotechnology Reports”, a peer-reviewed international journal published by Springer, in April 2020.

You can read the full article here.