Highlights of IAP Survey on Predatory Journals and Conferences out now

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Researchers around the world share their perspectives on predatory practices

With thanks to all of you who responded to our survey on predatory journals and conferences, we can now reveal some preliminary results [click here]. Your survey input is already helping us to raise awareness of these practices and recommend interventions to curb them. IAP President and PI for the project, Sir Richard Catlow, said  "Over 1800 researchers from all over the world, in many different fields and at different stages of their career, took the trouble to complete our survey and share their concerns about these pervasive practices, which are seriously damaging the integrity of scientific research. I am confident that by working together to raise awareness of them, supporting our peers and protégés, and making a strong case to key sectors who can effect change, we can combat them effectively."

Please continue to follow the project at Combatting Predatory Academic Journals and Conferences.  A more comprehensive account of the survey will be included in the project's report, to be published later this year.

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