IANAS Young Scientist Research Award: Women for Science

The call is open for the Third edition of the Young Scientist Research Award

The InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) Women for Science have decided to call for the Third edition of the Young Scientist Research Award, intended for young female scientists who have recently defended their PhD theses.

IANAS is an affiliated Regional Network of the InterAmerican Partnership (IAP). Therefore the prize is coordinated and supported by both these organizations. The winning nominee will be allocated USD 1500 dollars to spend in suitable activities related to her research work.

Application Deadline: Friday 28 June 2024

The biography of the winner will be posted on the IANAS-WfS webpage; a certificate award will also be issued.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Female PhD,
2. Obtained her PhD after 31/12/2018,
3. Performing scientific work in her country in the fields of: Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or Technological Sciences.


Honoring the principles of our organizations, the Prize will be for a woman scientist from one of the following countries:
● Argentina
● Bolivia
● CAS (Caribbean)
● Colombia
● Costa Rica
● Cuba
● Dominican Republic
● Guatemala
● Honduras
● Nicaragua
● Panamá
● Perú
● Uruguay
● Venezuela

Application Process

The candidate should send her application in English to her relevant Academy of Science with:

  1. CV, limited to 5 pages, including name of graduate degree, name of institution, thesis title, research and work experience, publications, presentations, etc.
  2. Short summary, 250 words of her research interests,
  3. The Academies should send their candidate proposal with a letter signed by the President of the Academy and all application documents to IANAS Office (secretariat.ianas@anc-argentina.org.ar) by Wednesday 30 July 2024

Proposal for Candidates

IANAS WfS invites the Science Academies of the countries listed above to nominate ONE candidate from their respective Academy countries.

Selection process

A Selection Committee will be chosen by IANAS-WfS, made up of members from the non participating countries - Argentina, Chile and Canada. Each of these countries will nominate a highly recognized scientist to sit on the Selection Committee. The decision should be made before 5 August 5 2024; and the winner will be notified.

Download the text with all the information for the call here.

The IANAS Women for Science Working Group

Under the sponsorship of IAP, the Global Network of Science Academies, IANAS established the Women for Science Working Group (WfS-WG) in June 2010.
The IANAS WfS-WG has the mandate to advise IANAS and its member academies on fostering a climate in the sciences that is welcoming to women. It develops actions that increase the visibility of the contributions of women scientists and engineers in the region and provides these women with opportunities for networking by means of the WfS-WG web site. WfS-WG alerts and advises IANAS on gender aspects of its programmes and initiatives: those aspects that affect men and women differently. It does this by appointing liaisons and contributing speakers to each of the IANAS Programmes; and by providing links to gender resources for each programme on the WfS web page. It also alerts the IANAS development-oriented technical programmes to the necessity to engage the bene ciaries as partners, to respect their cultures and to understand their needs. WfS-WG members are associated with North American, Latin American and worldwide organizations that focus on engaging and empowering women in S&T.

Read more on the IANAS website here.

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