IAP Speaks: EASAC President Highlights the Power of Global Collaboration

EASAC President Wim Van Saarloos advocates for global collaboration within the InterAcademy Partnership

In the latest video interview of the "IAP Speaks" campaign, Wim Van Saarloos, President of the European Academies Science Advisory Committee (EASAC), sheds light on the importance of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) as a global network for academies.

Van Saarloos emphasizes the impactful role of the IAP in creating meaningful connections among academies worldwide, each bringing their unique perspectives, histories and strengths to the table. For EASAC, this global connection is invaluable, providing opportunities to collaborate with academies from diverse regions and leverage their collective expertise. Watch the video interview:

"As the President of EASAC, I can attest to the immense value of the IAP in strengthening our impact and facilitating learning from other Regional Networks," says Van Saarloos.

The "IAP Speaks" campaign serves as a platform to showcase the voices and insights of leaders within the IAP community, highlighting the power of global collaboration in addressing pressing scientific challenges.

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