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IAP Co-President Prof. Masresha Fetene emphasizes inclusive engagement for Global Sustainable Development

In our latest 'IAP Speaks' video, Prof. Masresha Fetene, Co-President of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), emphasized the importance of inclusive engagement for achieving global sustainable development. Prof. Fetene highlighted the IAP's commitment to empowering academies and supporting their initiatives. He stressed the need for collaboration to tackle global challenges effectively. Through capacity building programmes and support for establishing new academies, IAP aims to broaden its impact worldwide.

Watch the video interview:

IAP believes that the global sustainable development can come through the involvement of everyone, explains the IAP co-President Prof. Masresha Fetene:

IAP wants to achieve this through its capacity building programmes for academies, it supports academies in their activities, it helps establish academies where none exists and it supports activities of academies themselves to fulfill their mission.

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