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Addressing Water Scarcity: Helena Bonciani Nader Highlights IAP Water Programme Initiatives

This week, the "IAP Speaks" campaign brings you an insightful video featuring Helena Bonciani Nader, President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and Co-Chair of the Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS).

In this video, Nader discusses the impactful IAP Water Programme and its regional initiatives, highlighting the significance of the IANAS and NASAC regional programmes and their contributions to solving water scarcity issues:

Since 2014, inspired by IAP, NASAC (Network of African Science Academies) and IANAS have established regional water programmes to improve access to clean water and sanitation services in Africa and the Americas. These initiatives emphasize the role of science in addressing water security issues.

Nader highlights the collaborative efforts between IANAS and NASAC, such as the IANAS Water Focal Points meeting and the IANAS-NASAC Workshop "Bridging Science and Policy to Enhance Water Security in Africa and the Americas," held in Panama in October 2019. This workshop fostered interactive dialogue based on a comprehensive study by the two networks, underscoring the importance of science-driven policy-making in water security.

Watch the video to learn more about how the IAP Water Programme is making a difference and download the report "Water and Health in the Americas" from the IAP website here.

Read more about the IAP Regional Networks here.

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