IAP Young Physician Leaders alumnus awarded a NHMRC Investigator Grant

The Australian Government awards Fabien Vincent’s research programme on lupus

IAP Young Physician Leaders (YPL) alumnus Fabien Vincent has been awarded a NHMRC (National Health & Medical Research Council) Investigator Grant Emerging Leader 1, comprising of a fellowship and research support package of AUD 645,205 for 5 years.

His research programme on Identification of Molecular Signatures in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus to Enable a Precision Medicine Approach was selected by the very competitive  Australian Government's NHRMC Grant scheme.

Lupus is an incurable autoimmune illness which is more common and severe in Indigenous Australians, although the reason for this is not yet known. To understand this better, Fabien Vincent's study will take blood samples and measure many thousands of genes and proteins in the blood. Using complex data analysis methods, known as bioinformatics, Fabien Vincent will analyse the ‘stack’ of these blood markers. This study will be a first in Indigenous Australians with lupus, and will help in identifying the right drug for the right patient.

Fabien Vincent is a physician-scientist currently employed as a research fellow in the rheumatology group, centre for inflammatory diseases at Monash University, Australia. NHMRC awarded more than $47 million to Monash University for its medical research.

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