IAP YPL alumna selected for the new Lancet COVID-19 Commission

Ozge Karadag Caman is member of the commission’s Secretariat

Ozge Karadag Caman, a public health researcher selected in 2018 for the IAP Young Physician Leaders (YPL) programme, is member of The Lancet COVID-19 Commission’s Secretariat. The Lancet COVID-19 Commission has been created to help speed up global, equitable, and lasting solutions to the pandemic.

"We are currently facing one of the most challenging public health threats of recent human history,” says Ozge Karadag Caman.

“As a public health professional and a YPL, I feel honored to work for the The Lancet COVID-19 Commission, which has been created to help speed up global, equitable, and lasting solutions to the pandemic. I truly believe that our global response to the pandemic will be successful if we choose to focus on science and solidarity and if we decrease inequalities in every corner of the world," she adds.

As explained on the Lancet,

The Commission recognises that multilateral institutions face profound challenges in undertaking their crucial missions. WHO, the IMF, the World Bank, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, the UN World Food Programme, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and many others are on the front lines in coordinating the global response to the pandemic in the areas of public health, finance, food security and supply chains, schooling, and governance. Yet these institutions find themselves caught up in the middle of big-power geopolitics. The Lancet COVID-19 Commission will aim to make recommendations to strengthen the efficacy of these critical institutions and to promote their adequate financing. The Commission will also reach out to regional groupings, including the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), and others, to liaise with, hear evidence from, and support, when possible, the efforts of these bodies in fighting the pandemic.

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