Invitation to Participate: IAP Conference and General Assembly Hosting Discussion

The IAP Secretariat is organising a Zoom Meeting for Member Academies to discuss hosting proposals

Further to our recent call for expressions of interest regarding the hosting of the upcoming IAP Conference and General Assembly, the IAP is pleased to extend an invitation to all interested academies to participate in an information session regarding this significant event.

In order to facilitate an open dialogue and address any queries or concerns related to the hosting process, the IAP Secretariat is organizing a virtual Zoom meeting on Monday 22 April at 11:00 am UTC. This session will provide academies with the opportunity to seek clarification on specific matters and gain insights into the hosting requirements and expectations.

Zoom meeting Triennial Conference and GA

Please register for the Zoom meeting here. We encourage all interested academies to participate actively in this discussion, as your input and feedback are invaluable in shaping the successful execution of the IAP Conference and General Assembly.

To determine the corresponding local time for the scheduled meeting based on your geographical location, please visit this link.

We sincerely hope that many of you will join us for this collaborative session, as we work together towards a fruitful and impactful gathering. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the IAP Secretariat.

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